Lists help needeed

I have been creating a lottery app in which users join matches and at 6 pm 40% of users joined get money. Like if joining money is 10 Rs then at time of result 10-20 Rs is rewarded to everyone. It should be done in a way that sum of every one money should get 90% of total money(which is joining money).
I want that random users should be picked from airtable and random rupees(Indian currency ) should be picked 10-20
Joined users data is saved on airtable and result is also saved on airtable


Ok. Show what you tried and what you got when trying it.

I am very much confused how to do it nothing I get to know . I am good at UI but I am not good at using lists.


If you don’t understand I can explain you again

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make blocks like - generate a random number then if any of the number match any person’s serial number, then the person would win the lottery… just try it

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You will have to make an admin app or web app to make the random selection. Then your user app will receive the drawing when it is opened and announce the winners.

Yes, I have created it already

can anybody please help me

You say you already made the app, so we don’t know what you need help with!
Post what you did and explain why it doesn’t work the way you want it.

I have done everything of the app(user’s app) and on other side (admin app) how I can make result system for lottery

Listen my friend, I don’t know if you realize but if you say you have done EVERYTHING, and don’t show ANYTHING, how can we know where to start to help you?

Can you show your app? What have you done already? I can figure out a way to create it from scratch but if you already have something done, then it will be better to start with what you have.

I don’t know a lot about Airtable, but I think you can download the users names to your admin app, right? Once you have them all in a list, just select one randomly. Then when you have that lucky user name selected, upload it to Airtable as “TodaysWinner” or whatever name you want to give it.
When the user app initializes, read the TodaysWinner from Airtable and show it in a label. If TodaysWinner matches the user of the app, then show a “CONGRATULATIONS! You are the winner!” message.

Does that makes sense?

raja.aia (2.6 KB) raja.apk (4.7 MB)

These are aia and apk of admin app

screenui (1).aia (6.7 MB)

This aia for users app