ListView and Floating Button (scrolling to up)

Friends, I have an application that has a listview component. I need to use a floating button to scroll to the first position. Imagine a listview with several lines, and a button appears that, when pressed, allows a scroll to be made until the first record. Would you have any suggestions for doing this? I would like to continue using listview even though I know that ColinTreeView has a scrolling component.

complementing, the component would be listview image

I confess that I found many good things in the forum as the example of the link below, but most are heavy blocks. I prefer to use something simpler, if it exists of course.

U can use vertical scroll handler extension it has blocks that can scroll your list to the first record

Which listview you are using

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I´m using ListView Image and Text

So you can place your listview in a vertical scroll arragement and use this extension vertical scroll handlers in which you can register the vertical scroll arrangement and use the block scroll to top or as you want or if it doesn’t work directly register listview image and text as scroll arrangement

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