Listview, Changing the selection number does not change the display


I can use the selection function to find the number of the clicked list.
The selected list changes to the specified color.

I want to specify a selection value in the source so that the list appears to be selected.
However, select a value to the list selection does not change the display.

You have to use the Selection Index block. That block accepts a number.

Workspace 1_999(005)



it doesn’t work
I dont know why

this will only set selection index to +1 will not show any effect , what do you want to do actually?

When I specify a selection Index in the source, the select item will be highlight
I changed the Selection index, but nothing happens on the screen.


AFAIK, you cannot do this programmatically, a user has to physically select an item in the listview to highlight it.

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Thank you for your reply.
How can i implement it in other ways?

Here is one way:

You may find an extension that can also do it?

Buttons are also a good idea.
The program has no right answer
However, my program is difficult to implement with a button because the number of variables in the list varies from 1 to 200.
I looked for an extension, but I haven’t found it yet.
Thank you.

Use dynamic button in that case

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