LIstView Dynamic Extension

I am making a ListView with Dynamic Extension. All good, except when I associate it with an Excel from Google Drive.
The data takes them.

The problem is that it must generate about 200 CardViews by taking the data from Excel and generating them for us. If I limit it to 50-100 if it does

Your question isn’t clear at all. Provide more details. Images of blocks will be more helpful


Some error message ?

excuse me

In image 1 and 2 they are similar.
The difference is that image 2 is the first design I made to work and see the result.
In image 1, I tell Dynamic Extension to grab the data from an Excel from Google Drive or Spreadsheet. That Excel has more than 300 rows … maybe it is because it has a lot of data? The problem is that it does not show me the CardView.

No, error messages none. I even put a list viewer and the cardview.
The list does load the data from the Google Drive, but the Card View … nothing at all.