Listview image and Text Bug

I found a bug on Listview image and Text element

There is another bug on divider color. Hope it will fix.

First of all you are using the blocks wrong…

You need to use it like this:


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Ok. It would be great if we can add multiple item at a time. And What about the divider color bug ?

Look at this Guide:

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Yes there is a bug with divider colour

@AMIT_Raj maybe you can tell @Sander the Bug and whats wrong?

The bug with divider colour is that it does not show any divider by default and even more changing divider colour don’t have any effect.

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Here is the another problem

Here is the problem another sir

Can you guy’s check if the errors are still there?
If yes, please make a list and post it here again.

images do not update when the source on internet is changed, is it locally cached? how to refresh the cached image?

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