Listview image and text component (when Click block)

I created three lists of variables, Two of them was seting in list view items and it works as below

but I want to set the third one of variables of list to be links for download when where Clicked in any items of list.

How can I put them? :thinking:

Index of list view image and text is start from 0.
For select item in list you need to be position + 1 to get index

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Do you mean should I put (if block) :thinking:?
If Position greater than 1? :thinking:

Why the current method doesnot work? are u getting any error?

Yes. Attempt to get item number 0.:thinking:

you can use the method suggested by @sugarlesscreator … Just use +1 with position to get actual index

if not. you have to add items in a globale variable, and have to compare with the index by using index in a list method as below

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I try this and it works :+1::tulip:

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