Listview image and text help needed

I have used the listview with image and text view in my app but the problem is divider colour change with the change in designer but the grey line is always shown. I have seen many topics but could not find a relevant solution. Is it still a bug?

Check by changing BG Color to White.

What happen when you select divider colour to none?

When I set it to none still grey line appear.

I can change this to white but this thing for dark mode in my app

Then just keep it as it is, not looks bad…

Tking care of UI is must. I believe in kodular community within one day I will get solution.

Export the apk and try it out in your phone… It has happened with me too… Some things appear in the interface but when we try it it doesn’t appear

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Check the black coloured image it is of exported apk only.