Listview image and text problem

Hi Everyone,
Asking for help again. Listview image and text doesn’t seem working or maybe have some mistake on my blocks? I am using Airtable as my Database


What is not working?

Sorry, It doesn’t have any output.

Can you explain why you use the switch variable in your app? In your for next loop to fill your listview shouldn’t you look at the length of list of values? Never used airtable myself. I guess your lists are never filled when you get the values back from airtable.

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In the first elseif you have to make the switch variable to 3 not to 2. That’s why it doesn’t go to the second elseif.


You are assigning the same values to the ItemCode1 variable as to global IMAGE.
First you must get the new column and then assign those values to the variable.


Also the switch variable must be set to 3, otherwise it never does the last part

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that’s no the way to set values on lists… you have to use “add items to list” or “insert list item” to set values to lists…and make sure you are using a label with “.png”, “.jpg” or “.svg” extension for the image.

“values” from GotColumn it’s a list

You nailed it @pepocero @George_Loungos , again, thank you. I didn’t notice that, setting switch variable into 3.
But there’s another error I encounter. I can’t figure it why,


Check the lists. There are some that are empty.
Be careful that each variable is filled in with the values it gets from each column…

Doesn’t work, sharing with you guiz AIA. INVENTORY.aia (141.8 KB)

This problem is for setting values on lists in a wrong way…

REPLACES like in the Image below

Its not working, its shows me with this result.


I’m not an expert, I’m sure I’m wrong, but I think the IF block does everything and then does the FOREACH. But at that point he still doesn’t have all the lists filled out. That’s why that mistake only comes up once and it doesn’t come up anymore. Because then the lists are all full.

To solve this I took the freach out of where it was and put the GetData procedure in its place.

And then in the GotColumn of SerialNumbers I put the Foreach there.
Doing it that way doesn’t make any errors.

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What you’re doing isn’t wrong, but it’s not necessary.
The values already come in a list format, so there’s no need to add the values to the list…
In fact, if you do it this way, you are forced to empty the variable, so that when you do it again it won’t be filled with more values.



ooohhh… he gets more list from other part too

Just wondering, how come does it get 0 length on the list but then it displays on the listview with image.

Will check this later. :astonished:

Your totally right, i didn’t notice that

@pepocero @agc_softwares, Thank you so much for the help. This works fine

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