ListView Scroll to Position and Screen1 Height

I have a ListView with a couple dozen elements. I’m using Scroll to Position to scroll the element of interest into view. But from what I can tell it puts the element of interest into view at the bottom of the visible list on the screen. I would prefer having the element of interest at the top or middle of the visible list. It seems I need to adjust the scroll position down a couple elements so that the element of interest is at the middle or top of the of the visible list. Is there a better way to accomplish this?

This would mean I need to calculate how many elements are shown in the visible portion of the list by doing a little math with Screen1.Height and the ListView Height and Item Height in %. This brings me to my second question:
I know my device has a vertical (y) pixel resolution of 2400. Yet when I look at Screen1.Height I get 791. I would expect 2400. What does 791 represent?


Hello, for now, the scroll to position block only works the way you mentioned. let’s see if a dev can help.