Listview without empty rows

hello, I display in a listview data stored in tinydb in csv table form.
There are rows in this table that are empty or of zero value.
How to stack only existing non-zero rows,without empty rows, one below the other in the listview?


You can if else block.

For each item get tinydb tags
If get tinydb get value (get item) is not equal to empty
Then add items to the list (get item-use any variable to store the tags)

Thanks, i m going to try this solution

Should it be possible to you, to draw me blocs to bé more précise please ?

if you have share any csv table , it will be good

i m sorry, it s in french but i hope easy to translate it

If the csv is in this format


You want to show like this in listview?

yes, it s exactly this

Oh sorry for the delay… see it is works for you or not

CSV table



it works. i have to copy the if block 24 times

yes… I dont know how many row and col you are having… if so let me know it, then let me tell you… And you want all the items in a listview(Row and col)?

i have to do this to 24 times…isn t it ?

No wait… try like this…


This will take all the item orderly… see the result

csv is


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@Daniel_Pelissier , Is this what you are looking or something else?

i try to do this with my blocks but not works for now … i m looking why

Pls check your block and compare with my block

In my block, Local List Response is nothing but items received from the file as csv

thank you for your help… it works good :slight_smile:

If solves, you can hit solution to help others those who are looking for the same in future…

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