ListViewImage and Text Adding item from a list

i have tried ListViewImageAnd Text component and its very lengthy to add item one by one bu duplicating add item block and also found

“add item from list”

block but don’t know how to work with it.
Please help!


Do it like this.

@Sander Can we add with this only title or subtitles and images too ?
Please explain it.

but how to differ image, title and subtitle??
its confusing Us

That’s why I said @Sander must explain it.
He have created it not me.

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Use 3 items on the list

  • image
  • title
  • subtitle
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plesse give an example block images if u can

Thanks! @Sawbeen

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If this solved your problem then make sure to give a solution to the ans

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its not working

Sorry for the inconvenience @Techy_Rakshak, here is what @Sander was trying to tell you to use:

but its only one item added even i tried the same for adding multiple items but it shows only first one!!

Unfortunately right now, you can’t do that!

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Any updates on adding
Multiple images title and subtitles on list view image and text dynamically

You can use foreach or for loop block to add multiple items dynamically.

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It could be done for either for image or title or subtitle… But what I asked is for image and title and subtitles too :thinking:

Yes I know, just join make list block and write image, title and subtitle. Use Add Items from List block for every item. So you need to use foreach or for loop block if you are pulling data from web.

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I started to think that wasn’t my reply at first, then I noticed that I take pictures kinda struggling to get up so sitting half way down when taking pictures :joy: