Lite, the extension totally for your searching needs

50 downloads! Gosh I’m blushing :blush:

what is the use of this extension??


You can import it into your project and use the method and event blocks to get some informations about your device that other extensions dont offer.

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This link is not working. Can you send me another link to download this extension?

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It works just fine

Not working

No brother

Can anyone send me AIX file here? As it is a free extension.

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The link in the first post is still active. I have just downloaded the extension. Try another browser.

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Thanks a lot! :smile:

The link should work fine, I haven’t removed it from Mega yet.

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Link is working fine.
That’s just problem with @Aditya_Singh. Maybe his ISP has restricted access to Mega.

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Hey , the link is not working ,can you check the link?

The link is not working.

In fact I removed it from Mega a few weeks ago (I warned of this in December) and it will not be returning. However if you’d like to join the Device Manager Beta, PM me… it’s like this extension, but larger; Literally.


One question: how can we PM you, since your public profile is hidden?

I can only press “Follow”

Now all you need is my username :smirk:



For “personal” links you can use /my/, for example /my/messages

Here I leave you a “button” :wink:

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