Lite, the extension totally for your searching needs

Hi everyone,

Today I’m releasing Lite. A redone Hosts but with more blocks, bug fixes, and less imported classes. It allows you to get device information and do things which any other extension may not allow you to get. I’ve listened to some suggestions and PMs for blocks which were on my list to add. Here’s what’s new…

Bug Fixes

- I’ve fixed an issue with downloaders having to place blocks under timers instead of Screen.Initialized
- Fixed an issue where some blocks didn’t have an Android SDK check

What’s New

- A connection check has been added before outputting the SimOperatorName(), this was resulting sometimes in a error because the connection was CDMA
- Event Blocks and variables have moved to their own so that variables do not belong in an event which they weren’t meant for (Example: GotWallpaper) where the width and height variable were in the event although were meant for separate events
- A lot of classes have been removed
- Many new blocks and events

Blocks (137)

Events (39)

Enjoy 176 Blocks and Events

Go here to download the extension.


And that’s when i stopped reading. Why make it so difficult. Just tell what you made and post it here.


Please provide a screenshot of the available properties, methods and events as well as a short description about the functionality. Thank you.



I signed up only to get a link to the .aix
Not a screenshot, not any description, absolutely nothing that help me to figure it out why I would want to use the extension. I thinks it is the worst way to share your extension. It is too much trouble only to find out what your extension does

PS: Just a question, did you create this meteorcoder forum only to share your extensions and apps there?
It it is so, I don’t think this is a good idea. I can’t imagine people using your forum for this only. If it was something like Taifun website ok, but it doesn’t look to be the case.


I’ve updated the topic to better understand.

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sorry, but the screenshot is too tiny to be able to see anything
also unfortunately there still is no description of the blocks…


Nice extension but i have a question whats going on with permissions. if i use the extension. which one will be needed, and are all permissions show to the user or only that one what is needed in the moment ?

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Looks form the small blocks that you need these: Any more?


oh and…



thank and all theese permssions are needed if you take that extension in the app and use only one element. Or do we need only that permssion what you need. Like i use the vibrate component and the user gets asked for the permssion for the virbate and nozt more. Or will the user gets aksed also for all other permissions.?

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The user only gets asked one permission which is READ_PHONE_STATE because it’s dangerous. Don’t freak out over more than one permission being in the required area, it tells your application that at some point you will use the function which requires it. I forgot to add the permissions which were needed. You won’t have to use ASKPERMISSION to request them anymore. And you’re able to now put all blocks under Screen[int].Initialized.

I’m not gonna take a screenshot of each block and say what it does. There’s 176, if you’d like a more detailed description of them, you’ll have to download it and hover over the blocks.

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It is impressive you built such an all encompassing extension. That said I have to agree with @Taifun . Every single one of his apps has every block clearly labelled, and exampled. Maybe you could write a script to go through the Descriptions and put them in a list at the very least.

This comment is very rude. You are asking people to register on your site, and then download your AIX, and spend their time to decide if blocks are relevant?

Can you help us out. I don’t want to fo through the process myself as it is.


Did you notice I updated the download link because of so many complaints?

Yes but, see again there’s 176 blocks and I’m sure you wouldn’t spend 16 hours of your day writing about them. It doesn’t take long to hover over the block you want to see a description of. It’s not that I’m trying to be rude it’s just that It’s easier to hover over the block more than search for the block you want to see the functions off. I’ve tried filling in as many descriptions as I could for the blocks, whatever’s not filled in I can try do definitions upon. Because no one feels like signing up, I’ll delete the sub-domain or the whole itself. I haven’t yet decided. Thanks for the suggestions.

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I did not notice the change you made in downloading. Nice job; However I will not download and experiment with it because I dont have time. You are giving no information. If you have 176 blocks, rather than build them you should be documenting them as you go.

Surely you have test them?

This is a great lesson in app design. Know you market, solve a problem, make it work, and then explain it. I do not understand why someone needs 90% of those blocks, because I don’t see a use case. You clearly do, so take the time and tell us.


Can I explain at :joy:?

Hey mate, explain wherever you want, just take the time to do it. It would be really helpful, and I am intrigued by what you have done. Just explain it and share where it is (without login screens :slight_smile: )


I’ve started on the docs, I’m also adding information for my two new apps coming out when docs are released, and my new extension I built today (no not Lite) a semi useful one. I’m also adding Lite though, I just have to build that with my new blocks.

Everything will be released when docs are completed.

50 downloads! Gosh I’m blushing :blush:

what is the use of this extension??


You can import it into your project and use the method and event blocks to get some informations about your device that other extensions dont offer.

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This link is not working. Can you send me another link to download this extension?

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