I need an extension named HOSTS

I want an extension named HOSTS i have searched everywhere but i am unable to find it please anyone share it please

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You can see all this block in Device Utility Component

All these are not available in Device Utility Component

Ok noted, …

from the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

  • Hosts Extension by MeteorCoder to get some device specific information (replaced by Lite Extension, see below)
  • Lite Extension by MeteorCoder, an extension which offers around 176 blocks without any documentation…


@Taifun I Have Checked Your Link. Your Link Is Broken

Edit : When I Want Any Extension I Go To Your Site Thanks For PuraVidaApps

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I cannot find the extension in the link

you might want to ask @hammerhai aka MeteorCoder to check the download link


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My extension Hosts has ever since been taken down as of the end of April.

I didn’t knew that, I’m using hosts even now :sweat_smile:, I will switch now.