Suggestions for Device Manager

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This topic will also be used for the actual extension when it is released, for now it will be used for suggestions.

Announcement of Device Manager

Device Manager is an extension containing multiple sub-extensions which I cannot disclose at this moment, however it contains five so far and I’m looking to add more. It’s a predecessor to Lite & Host, but more organized, more blocks, and later methods!

Suggestions for Device Manager

I’m asking for suggestions simply because I feel I haven’t added enough to satisfy the average Koder for all purposes that it must serve. If there is by any chance already something you may ask for, you won’t be notified. So add as many things you want for this extension into a list and reply with them all!

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Limits for suggestions

- Do NOT add something to your list that may require an additional library to be added
- Do NOT add something to your list that may violate a user of your apps privacy like IMEI & MEID as to assigning this to them and making him/her easily identifiable, I no longer make extensions with these blocks
- Do NOT add something to your list that may be in another extension, it may have already been added (hence my copy cat reference at one point) :smirk:

Sincerely, Nathan!


When I saw the title thought this was written by Yusuf (from the past when Atmosphere used to be Device Manager).