Extension developers please

Dear Extension Developers,
Please consider building blocks when developing
It is unreasonable to update a specific extension to be compatible with kodular
We are building the application from start to finish and there are no explanations for using the new extension

Thank you and please review it


I think extension developers might already make the building blocks…

I’m talking about something that already happened
I bought from Deep Host an app store extension that is compatible with AirTables
He did the update, but it was completely different from what he had explained at the beginning
And now all my blocks have completely changed and I can’t compile the application
I contacted him and unfortunately he does not provide an explanation for this extension after the update

You are using Kodular but did you check that if he is active or not in Kodular community?

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For this work, i feel there is no need of extension even. Either default block or web comp alone is enough to do that…

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@1985nageh @Deep_Host has quite the long history of not responding to questions, it’s recommended you don’t use their products.

@vknow360 @Deep_Host summary: Last active over a year ago