Can we update extensions of developers?

Today i update my phone os to android 12 then i open my app but some extension didn’t work i don’t know why but kodular will update sdk to 31 but developer can’t update their extension on time. So can we update their extensions to work in android 12?

You only can modify open source extensions
All other extensions have to me updated by the extension developer

You might want to tell us, about which extensions you are talking about
Also tell us more about that ‘dud not work’, see also


Thanks for your reply Taifun & how can i know that extension is open source?

Usually this has been mentioned in that thread, you downloaded the extension from…
Most of the extensions are NOT open source


I think this is open source GitHub - jarlisson2/ListPermissionAIX: Extension to handle a whitelist.

Yes, that extension is open source
However as far as I can see, you could do it with built in components. .
You might want to reveal, what exactly you are trying to do…


As i mentioned that open source extension, user can go home if asked permission is granted else ask permission or go to app settings to grant permission again.