What is the best extension system

I know this would take a lot of work, but has any developer of Kodular thought about making an extension update system? Where an extension developer can push an update to their extension and it’ll update the contents of the extension when the user enters their Kodular project instead of needing to manually look for the topic and download it?

For example, let’s say the Kodular Store was around, and an extension was updated. Upon opening your project in the Creator it would compare version data to check if there’s a new one available. If there is, then it will automatically download and replace the existing extension with the new code that was pushed from the console.


Nice Guide @Peter :+1:

@hammerhai your Idea is Intresting :nerd_face:


Yes it is, however it would likely take up more time to open a project.


But it may broke the project.
Instead my suggestion will be to show a dialog that an extension needs update (including change log if available).


Yes! Like what blocks have been removed or have had arguments added or removed to/from them? If they’ve had critical changes, then it should definitely let them do it manually so they can back up their project and move blocks around according to the changes.


The idea is good.
But is not an on-demand feature
Most users keep track on extension topics
For ease extension developers can include version name/code in topic’s title
[v2] Extension Name/Title