Need Help From Extension Developer

Hii can any extension developer develop one extension

This camera view extension
please help

Where is the extension from? And what’s the error?

I am not getting data from data block

extension by @Andres Daniel

first of all you are using app inventor right?

both app inventor and kodular

what do you mean by that if you use kodular you dont need a extension kodular has a component called Surface View

Then other extension developer has also created camera view extension why won’t you ask them that kodular is having surface view

they made it because not all people use kodular if someone uses any other builder than they can use extension

and now please close this topic because now we are going off topic

I need this extension because not only kodular any builder won’t give data block

if you need a extension use this - Pro camera: The pro custom camera

I need data of the preview that block is only in this extension no one else

use Surface View

I think you won’t know how this extension work please check whole extension at thunka… community

preview that is provided by surface view is not same as this extension give

try putting the data in a label and paste the data here

extension is not working that’s why I am asking extension developer to help me otherwise extension is available’’ I have try to contact the developer but won’t get any reply

As I can see, the only help you need in this case is from extension developer. If he can’t, nobody else is able to help you with this extension. So, I think it is time to start thinking about change this extension for another one.


What do You trying to do ?

thats the extension which is not working why did you post the extension again @Gareeb_bhai