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In with the new, out with the old

Hello Koders! Today I am releasing my extension to the world, Device Manager. Thanks to the β testers, they have helped test the extension to make sure there are no bugs that can cause huge issues to your apps performance.

Device Manager is like any other of my extensions, but it’s mostly well documented at It contains various blocks to modify Storage, install & delete APKs, and control some system settings. With this, you can also get properties of the device. For example, the name of the device set by the owner in the settings. Quoting @yusufcihan, “it contains many blocks I won’t use” :)

With that being said, over the past 6 months, it has taken me a bunch of motivation to do documentation. If you’d like to help with it, you can go to the repository for Device M and browse through.

β testers


Visit the :unicorn: 2020-9 release.


ok, great! Congratulations"

however… I was looking around the links you were providing, but… where can we find the aix file?
also it would be nice to have a screenshot of the available properties, methods and events… it would be great, if you could provide it here in this thread… or did I miss it somewhere?

Edit: does this extension replace your other 2 extensions Hosts and Lite?




Now my account is @yanquisalexander :sweat_smile:


It’s a great Extension. Happy to be a betatester.

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Hi Taifun,

I edited the topic to include a direct link to the AIX ;)

Just a small note, you can also find it in the area below in the Releases · StormiFire/Device-Manager-Documentation · GitHub area if I do only add that link. It will be below each release I publish to GitHub.


Great Extension

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Crazy stretch :sweat_smile:

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The extension contains great things, but each addition must be separated from the other

That makes me feel distracted

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Can you explain more of what you mean? Would you like them to have different package names so they’re not bundled? They distract me too :sweat_smile:

This is exactly what I want

You may need to create seven add-on topics in one day

An impossible record :joy:

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Not if Peter doesnt notice :smirk:

I’ll see what I can do ^^

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Peter became busy

There is a great deal to deviate from the topic :sweat_smile:


Why so much extensions?

It would be difficult to find the block you’re looking for all inside one component so I made them into categories… Yes you could search from the in the bar, but I don’t think many people use that. As suggested, they will all have different package names instead of being a bundle. You can take a look at the link below if you’d like to know when this will be out,

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great! however unfortunately somehow I was not able to find it in your latest Github link… can you please post a link to the documentation?


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:unicorn: 2020-9 is out!

I’ve heard your feedback and things have changed. Performance, permissions, and more has changed thanks to you!

What if a bug occurs?

Report it at the repository issues page.

What’s new?

There is a new improved site, you can find it here. Now download and read what’s new about Device M on the Hub :sunglasses:!

Where to download Device M?

- The Hub / Assets (at the bottom) / *.aix


hello, I was wondering what permission should I call to use this extension

If you’re downloading from The Hub :sunglasses: then you don’t need to request permissions.

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How can I download this extension @hammerhai Nathan