Show Users Phone Number

I have searched almost 40 to 45 minutes for a block or any extension which can show users mobile number on screen initialize…

My question is
How to show users mobile number in a label without verifying by OTP because i have very large number of user and i am not able to use afford firebase premium plans

There’s an extension called Telephony Manager Extension its all blocks are working very well but only phone number block is not working…

If anyone know any extension or any blocks combination which can show users phone number then please help me…

Did you request the READ_PHONE_STATE permission?

yes and i allow that permission in test apk but did not working

Maybe you are having 2 sim in your device and the app is not able to detect the sim as it is confused between 2 sims.


still not working…

I have too many extensions to know which is which :man_facepalming:

The extensions listed below are no longer receiving updates, but they should still work with Kodular.

Try one of these and let me know if you get a result…

I recommend this one because the file is still accessable through Mega.

Stay safe :heart:

your link is not working can u upload it again

Link is working. You might be having some problem. Try again!

i have ask and allow READ_PHONE_STATE permission but still the blocks are not showing mobile number

This extension’s phone number block is not working. I’m also facing this issue!

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If you had read everything on @Taifun’s page then you would have come across this

Note: This is no guaranteed solution, because the phone number is not physically stored on all SIM-cards, or broadcasted from the network to the phone. This is especially true in some countries which requires physical address verification, with number assignment only happening afterwards.