How to show Sim Line Number using Lite Extension

I want to create Sim Info App in which i want to show Line Number

Sim Line Number using Lite Extension but i do not know how to use this extension to show Sim Line Number in TestBox or Lable. please help
i tried this but not workingkjhg

Hi @alldownloadworld,

I’m the creator of Lite! Currently I understand all are unable to download it because of the link. I might be redoing it or not. I have the source code in my Google Drive account :grin: so when I’m ready and if I’m ready! I’ll add more to it, this could change. Thank you for attempting to use my extension!

(This will be edited again shortly to list instructions)

can you please help me with if is there any other way to Show Sim Line Number or ICCID or IMSI

If you’re talking about IMEI, just use the GetIMEI block in Lite. Then use the GotIMEI event block and the variable imei that comes with the block to get the IMEI to display on an element on the screen that you chose.

thanks for the reply i am able to show imei number but i want to show Line Number (Phone Number) reading from sim card

are you able to see the phone numer in the settings of your device?

see also the note in the telephonymanager extension App Inventor Extensions: Telephony Manager | Pura Vida Apps
the phone number is not physically stored on all SIM-cards, or broadcasted from the network to the phone. This is especially true in some countries which requires physical address verification, with number assignment only happening afterwards


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