TaifunTM1 Device Id Extension Error

Im using TaifunTM1 extension to store IMEI number but it didn’t work. I really need it please once have look on my blocks.

Android version?

rtfm - read the fantastic manual

5.0-5.0.2…Is anything wrong with my blocks?

Thank you but still didn’t work!!

taken from the documentation

Returns the IMEI/MEID of the device.
If the device is a GSM device then IMEI will be returned and if the device is a CDMA device then MEID will be returned. In case of tablets or devices which can’t act as Mobile Phone, IMEI will be null.

Note: This block needs the permission READ_PHONE_STATE . See the example project #1 below about how to ask for this permission.


Everything is good but after allowing permission by user the NULL value is stored. Why?

what happens if you try the example project?