LitePass: to the Lite version!


Do you want to know if there is a Lite version of an app? LitePass allows you to quickly and easily find and obtain Lite versions of the apps through a constantly updated list, just locate the app in the list and tap!

Try it from Google Play!

Suggestions will be welcome, thank you!



Can you post some screenshots, please?

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I updated the post

It should be Google Photo not Foto.
And little mistake. Youtube --> YouTube

Thanks I will correct, the app was initially only in Italian for that “Foto”.

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Oic :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, I am writing this message to tell you how LitePass is doing!

A few months after the release of the app, several articles were published in online magazines in the sector, I leave you some links:

In the meantime, I’ve improved the app by adding new apps to the list and improving strings and graphics.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to try it and give me some feedback, thanks to all.

Google Play: