Little game: Submariner

Don’t let the submariner touch the edge of the screen. Tilt and roll your phone to move the submarine.

The game start immediatly. You will hear a sonarsound and every minute the speed of the submarine increases.

Latest apk (2 september)
submariner.apk (5.5 MB)

If you want to make something like this for yourself, these are the blocks i used.


Impossible for me


What is the resolution of your phone? I only had this when running the apk on my chromebook.

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It is 480*854 on 4.5".

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Percentage values are not allowed for sprites because that would have been easier. They submarine is 300 x 300 px.

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Why isn’t some more space there? 300/480 means 5/8 which is near to 4/8. But on the screen the submarine nearly covers its whole width (8/8).

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It is made with responsive size. With fixed it is much to big.

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Can’t last more than this! :nerd_face: Tilt is very rough!

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My record was 306 seconds.


Your submariner is also to big. Have to make a routine that looks at the screensize. Or i have to make it fixed size.

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Could someone test this apk. It is fixed size. Submarine size 250 x 250 px.

submariner.apk (5.4 MB)

Tested it, the controls are tough tho. I think I found a bug too, sometimes when the submarine touches the screen it stays like that

Im not 250x250px btw

It should display an notification. Did you install the latest apk i uploaded? Looking at your screen your submarine is the same size as i have now. Could you remove the app from your memory and start the app again?

Yes I did install the latest one. Let me reinstall it

Tested , see how it looks in Xiaomi Mi A1

Okay I reinstalled it. Same thing, but the submarine goes even when this message is displayed

My phone is Galaxy A70 if that would help

I have the same problem. It is about postioning the submarine for the first time. Let’s see if i can fix it.


submariner.apk (5.5 MB)

This one works for me. This is fixed size. Made the submarine smaller.

Your screen density is 1.5 x 300px = 450px


Now works better :slightly_smiling_face:

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