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As you know, Makeroid is only our hobby, we all have school/college to go to and because of this, we will be removing live chat from our websites and builder.

We decided to make this decision because we simply don’t have the time to offer chat support all day while we’re supposed to be studying.

We hope you understand :wink:


The FloatingActionButton that opened the chat will be probably replaced with a link to our community, where all of you can provide better support :+1:


Hi everyone,
decision perfectly understandable!
You are already running a major project and the Community is grateful to you.
Good work for the team


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Hi @mdkaosar154,

Welcome to the community! Over the years, this community has endured much misconduct, such as bumping topics from years ago. Please don’t do that, but instead create a new topic for your question.


:octopus: Nathan

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