Live Countdown for app

In my app I want to show live countdown timer (24:00:00) to user.i take their device times & show countdown ,it is okey for same time zone but if user from different time zone appear different countdown.
If user’s time is 10:00 pm countdown appear 4:00:00 remaining. In another time zone there is 9:00Pm, countdown appear 5:00:00 remaining.
How to show same countdown for all time zone?

You can try using an API to get the correct time zone

Which country’s time you want?

Which Time Zone?

Welcome. Did you search the forum? If yes then you would have found this

go to this website
Get html code and load it in webviewer using load html block

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Australian Eastern Standard Time

Your app will work offline?
Because if yes, it will be possible for the user to deceive the app

Use count down extension

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