Live test & Exported APK not working for Old Projects

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Live test & Exported APK not working for Old Projects.
I tried clearing cookies from my browser. i also change the browser to test. nothing is working.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Open any old projects in creator (mine is 6 Sept 2018) and try Live test. also after exporting i am not able to open the app. it crashes right after i open.

Project file

IPTracker.aia (60.9 KB)

Android version

Android 8.0 (Honor 9 Lite)

Please try the above project
Thank You.

I imported your project and the export works fine.
All I done is click on export as apk and it works.

I could build and export it and install it. But when i want to run it it stops. It won’t open on my phone on Android 8.1.

export is working… but when i install the exported apk, the app stops instantly. no splash screen or anything.

yes… same problem happens to me.

Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: "gps" location provider requires ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission.

Iam sure the extension did not request the needed location permission.
After I granted the app the permission it works short

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Yep, that did it. After manually setting the location permission it works.

app didn’t ask for any permission in the first run. it should ask for permission in the first run…

yes… it works if manually setting the location permission. but what if any new user wants to try this app.?

What if you add a locationsensor to your app. Or ask for permission with this block.


Don’t know how it works, never used it.

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This is because of the new permission system.
The extension developer must upgrade his extension.

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i am using an extension named AdvancedLocationSensor. so according to mika the extension developer need to upgrade his extension.

And unitl the extension developer did not upgrade his extension you can use the block which @Peter you showed.


And first if the permission is granted use the location blocks from the extensions

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sure… i’ll try Peter’s method. in the mean time can you please check if the live test works or not…
i just found out the live test is not working on New Projects too.

Edit - Now Live Test Works Fine, Thanks to Diego

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