Live testing not working after new update

Iam unable to do live test via wifi.
I have the same wifi network
And my live testing app is also updated

And iam using http

It. Is happening after new 1.1.1 makeroid butterfly update

Chick the screen shot below.

Why should no one is helping me?


It must come from your Internet connection or configuration because the application always worked well even after the update. Are you sure to be on the same network as your computer?

Maybe you should try the USB connection method, it’s better.

Otherwise I invite you to go see this link:


Hi there, i have few suggestions for you.

*Use google chrome or fire fox latest version
*Open builder in http not https
*Use a stable connection
*Reconnect to wifi and try again

if doesn’t work than

*Try clearing data and cache of the companion
*Click on reset connection on the builder and try reconnecting.

still heaving error? let us know.


I have done all rhings step by step but no changes