Live Trivia Anti-Cheaters Help

Hello Koders!
I had previously created a live trivia app after getting some very helpful tips and advice from this beautiful community (many many thanks:hugs:).

Now after some time on the Play Store, I discovered that certain users are cheating the system, though I was not sure how. After some research I discovered that there are in fact several tutorials and apps that assist users in cheating the system, HQ trivia being used as an example (my app was inspired by it).

The most common methods used was using apps the draw over other apps and that use OCR tech to scan questions and generate answers.

Please is there any way I can combat this in Kodular? An online forum suggested an effective anti-cheat against the OCR method was to dynamically adjust the contrast of the screen. Is this possible in Kodular? If not, are there any other methods I could apply?

This is problem is driving legit players away from my app. Being the creator of the app, I have also never been able to score as much as these cheaters, even though I know the answer to the questions, which is rather embarrassing :sweat_smile: .

Thanks in advance.

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Hi There.

Even i have faced the similar problem :).

What you can do? Use package Identifier

If any ocr scan app is installed in the device the participant will be not able to play the trivia game.

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Thanks for the quick reply, but isn’t that a little extreme?:sweat_smile:

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It is but i will prevent only hackers from hacking. Can you share your apk?

Heres the link on play store.
It’s currently region restricted tho

Anyone with any other ideas?

This is the best option for now

OK. Thanks. Please can anyone share blocks on how check for multiple installed apps in a list? I don’t want to end up with repetitive blocks that’ll impact my app size.
Thanks again for your help.

Ok, so this is what i have implemented so far…

  1. Disabled ability to take screenshots in the app.
  2. Added human factor to game by dynamically adjusting the positions of questions and answers per question
  3. Added the block for checking dangerous apk by Kodular
  4. Checking for multiple installed app:point_down:

this is the block I used, It works partially, but I fear I am not doing it right (i’m OCD-ed). Please confirm if it worked for you.

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