Live Usb Test doesn't Work with Emulator

I have Search in Community before Posting about this. But the problem Unsolved

  1. My Os : Windows 7 64 Pro.

  2. My Emulator LDplayer.

  3. My Starter V.2.0 get from Github

What I had done .

  1. Start Kodular Creator.

  2. Start Kodular Starter

  3. Start LDPlayer

  4. Start Kodular Companion in LDPlayer.

  5. Check Connection via for test between Kodular Starter and Emulator the result Starter is Running but no device found

although my emulator still running the error appear, and I check the ADB log file that give me Emulator 5554 already Offline

Next I compare with App inventor starter to make sure my Emulator work, and the result work well.

Any Idea to Solve this.

The Emulator ADB setting exactly same when I use with Kodular and App inventor.

I also Install and un install App inventor Starter, the result is the same.

@joko1 Go through this it will work

I get notified lol :rofl:

I have Used Bluestack , but for my pc spec LDPlayer is the light weight . thats why I trying use this emulator for Live Test. I still tracing about this problem because I think kodular & App inventor have similarity way when deploy live test in Emulator. For your info, I also tested with real phone usb, kodular starter work fine , i found different state is when using real phone they have credential connection between my pc and my smartphone in usb Mode MTP.

But Anyway I’ll try with Bluestack again. thanks for your support and information

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Don’t worry I will also help in finding a way for LD player and id this is possible then this will be super helpful to low end Pc or laptop user’s

Yup , I hope so.

by the way, Your user name seem you are from +62 is it correct?

Umm I am from +91 India :sweat_smile:

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Progress from my self, after deep searching about ADB, I try use python script by modificatio from draco version and package name still using io.makeroid.companion and now my LDPlayer detected by

so ill keep trying to go with live test in LDplayer emulator

i also want to do but how to connect with ld player ??

You can just download companion on ld player and then connect with code

Download the Kodular Companion and input the code you get. As for the output use adb from android studio command line tools only.


Could you more explicit ?,

You mean ADB shell? or you mean AVD should use android studio??