Live video chat

Hello friends
What is possible create live video chat in Kodular

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As of 15th March, 2020, not yet.


Yes i think that is possible

How for any example

You can use a web view and WebRTC to facilitate a two-way video call.

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How to use this method

I’ve linked an example in the previous post. It should contain all the code and related explanation.

But how to use on kodular any extension

Use it in a web viewer. The code in the example is JS and can run in the web viewer

Which the code paste palace

Please give me a sample AIA please

How about trying something and when you get stuck, then you are welcome ask again…


No no you’re missing the point. Paste code pl0x.

Edit: I fudged it. It’s supposed to be “palace”.

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I want to know how to put web api key in kodular

@Vishwas Please tell how to do it on Kodular
Share Block Images/ Sample .aia
Thank You…

I will share you personally aia

Any contacts details send me please

I can’t find the JS file on webRTC please help me

Private message me on Community itself

OK can you help me