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The app enables access to various Live News Channels with just a click, thus allowing access to latest news and happening anytime, anywhere. The app is free and does not require any registration. You get access to multiple Hindi, English, International and Regional language news channels seamlessly with rich user experience.


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Hope you will like it. Please do comment and provide your feedback through the app.

Thanks a ton Kodular! I learnt a lot with this project. Wishing Kodular many more accolades.


Very good. Nice Koded app. ui also cool. :+1:


Kannada language is there :heart_eyes:


Nice UI keep it up

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I really like the UI.

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Do u have permission to use their content

Can you look at this?
While offline, after no internet dialogue click its show empty dialogue.

Thank you . I will check this out. :pray:


Bengali There!
Super Application


How did you pull data to applications or did you use a web view?

Nice App !! Great :+1: :+1:

Not sure if I understood your question?

nice app
but isn’t it violate policy that you are using someone else’s content on your app without their permission? If they are proving that content free for commercial purpose then it is ok but if it is not then play store can suspend your app. Right? :thinking:

professional atom bomb