Load and Download Pdf from Firebase

What does you mean?Just use the download component…And taifun’s guide…
See here:

I can do but i will face some problem in saving and opening it

Just try and if you got error than ask us on the community…

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I also Want to add download progress percentage can this is possible ?? And How? Please

Just use this block:
And please search before asking… :+1:

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I NEED pdf view extension

There is already one here:
But you don’t to buy it…There is already an alternative (but in external viewer…):

And please Search before asking

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Its not downloading the page refreshes whwnever i click o pdf extensio link

help me here how to save file and show percentage downloded out of (X) kb?mb Please

First you must set the download url before download method…Second you must set the download url to the url for the file you want…Not an empty string…

i am uploading it on firebase and now i inserted the url say what to do next

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look done
what to do next

Set the download url first the the download method…

ok then how to show progress in notifier downloading progress

You can easily do that by: when download progress changed store progress in variable then update notifier progress by progress -(minus) the var you stored the old progress…

i am giving you aia can you do that for me Only 1 time rest i will do based on that

Maybe this can help you


thank you for providing this information