Load image in url problem

guys, hello everyone, I have this error in codular, I select an image, add blocks to select an image and go to the url address, but when exporting the apk in my phone, I do not display this image.

Show your blocks

Did you test in companion mode? Get images?

I checked on another huawei device. well, it’s displayed there. namely, I do not display it. I have android 10, and there is android 9.

Please help

Android version is no problem.

Show you blocks

The problem is it may need few seconda to load. So use and notifier till image appear

You are loading 3 images at screen initialization, that’s not a good idea.
For your problem it could be like @Still-learning said, the images may take some time to load.

I suggest not to load images on screen initialization. But if you still want to do that then you can use async procedure extension or may be clock component to load images timely.

Let us know what are those images or what are you trying to make so we can help you better.

One should display the Google icon, the second the account login icon, and the third the voice recording icon. Can you tell me how to use syncing?

Here’s a look on another device everything is displayed at once

You better use fonts for icon. We do have fontawesome and Material Fonts available


i suggest you to use this block present in image utilities, it loads the image asynchronously : )

Try dev yb loader

Bru and how exactly to use it, you will not show it completely?



To show icons on app using the font icons is the best idea as I’ve already mentioned it

Does it have a Google logo on it

you can use https://www.flaticon.com/ for icons, download and upload those icons on your project’s assets to use them in your app.