Loading Data of Attachments From Airtable Spreadsheet ( Using Json Tool ) Not Working

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I am Trying to load Data from Airtabel Spreadsheet ( Attachemnts) but Not Succeeds

I Have worked and tried many ways to load data , b getting data.

I am Trying to load 6 Images Url. ( From Airtable Attachments )

Can you guys help me In This .

Thanks In Advance.

Here What I Have Tried :

But Getting this Error :

Can Any One Help Me In this ??

What I have Made Mistake ?

Thanks In Advance.

Your blocks are totally wrong. If you wish to get data in json format from airtable you have to use call Spreadsheet1.Get All Rows block and when Spreadsheet1 Got All Rows block


Otherwise if you wish to work with colums see an example here

I just Want to load the Following Image URL
Can it possible ?? Can you help me Please
Thanks In Advance

Attachements in airtable won’t work with Kodular , you have to use url addresses in order to get data in app

I just used the cloudinary link in airtable attachments

Really its not possible to use airtable attachments in kodular

Exactly. Delete Screenshot column and create a new one and set field type to url

Thanks For Valuable Help.
But I Got The Solution.
Using Spilt Block we can Call multiple url from single item Cell

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Yes it’s possible you can contact me.