Loading HTML File Dynamically

Is there any way to load HTML from Firebase or from any other database? Please help me.

Html Viewer Extention
Hey Bro Use This Extention to view html by file of by code
so you just get data from firebase and connect value to this

I Am Making A Project Can You Personal message me to test my app

@krish.jha Hi, let me check it.

For sure. Wait…

No extension needed.

bro he asked to get html from firebase and to open that html in app not to see html of a website in app

where do you want to load the html, in a web viewer or in a label

On a web viewer.

html file or html code?

code from firebase

Not working! Can you please give me blocking screenshot please?

ya wait some time i will give

Ok bro. Waiting for your reply…

its ready photo sending



hoga to hey show karega

I used same blocks as @krish.jha used. But unfortunately it could not read the html codes at all.

@asimjib93 and @krish.jha please post in English.

Please help me to get this feature on my app. Please… :pray: