HTML View Extension | HTML View (index.html) File or Direct Code [Free]

HTML View Extension | HTML View (index.html) File or Direct Code [Free]


I make a simple extension to get view HTML File in WebView Component.


Download Extension - yt.deephost.HtmlView.aix (5.4 KB)

Download Project – HTML_View.aia (7.0 KB)

This is Block Image


More Tutorial Videos - Visit To My YouTube Channel

Thank You !


you dont need to add an extension for that… just do it like this - simple and easy -

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I do that with that

Join data:text/html,
and the HTML Script in the Block below.


where do i find the link?

this is a @Deep_Host extension, which means, without support
you can find it here
and for questions, please also ask there
thank you


@Valentin_Gallardo which link you want??

I am wondering how I could download the extension, the link posted is not working.

You cannot download this extension as extensions by this developer are not allowed on the community. A quick forum search would have told you this.

Edit: read the replies for your answer,

Oh! Thank you for informing about this! (I am still new to the community.)

share the link to import from the link