Loading list app

Application like ebay how do you load a giant list of data without crashing the application? How to load a list of ads that often exceeds 5000 user ads without crashing the application? I made an application in the same category as ebay but it crashes with lots of ads, takes a long time to load… how can this be done without crashing the system?

Load your Data In parts. Use a Clock component to trigger Data calling of a set of let’s say 500 Items.

So the procedure goes: When Screen initialise => call 1st 500 Items => got 1st 500 items save &start cooldown timer=> timer goes off, Stop timer & Call next 500 items => got next 500 items timer on and repeat

thanks… I will test and return to you.

try a recycler list view


Why Opt to extension when you can call it yourself. Ton of extensions anyways makes the app lag/crash