Loading screen with Lotiefiles

I put the Lottie component in my application and I would like it as soon as it finishes calling the other screen. I am using the clock component with a time interval of 6000. I am placing the command block. Please check that it is correct.

Use the “Lottie end of animation” component, then you use the block to be able to go to another screen.


I’m leaving the apk I did as you said but it won’t go to the other screen.Tela_splash.apk (5.4 MB)

Show the blocks, please!


I sent the apk but did not place the blocks. As I said, I would like that when it finishes loading it goes to s

creen2 and when I click the back button it leaves the app and doesn’t go back to screen1

As per your procedure, you have closed the screen1.

If you want to open screen 1 then you have to design just like the same procedure in screen2 (as what you have tried in screen1) in the when back button is pressed block.

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Try it this way, I think it will help you. About the time of the timers you see a time that will work with the anim.
Put Lottie in full screen, and play the file on the assets, then select it.


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