Loading TinyDB to Listview

Up until this morning I have been able to load my list from my TinyDB inot a listview. Then this morning it kept throwing the error at me:

I’ve cleared the TinyDB, tried a new Db nothing works. Anyone know what is happening?

How many items are there in your TinyDB. Can you show how you store your data in the TinyDB?

Still your tinyDB have something in the list. With the help of anybuttin click Use clear all from the tinyDB then try

Should only be one item in the list which is tiger, but I was wondering if something else was in it as there is a , before tiger.

Either Cgange the tag name or clear all from the tinyDB to avoid the tiger and to start from the beginning.

Can you also Do It on the TinyDB get value block?

This error is also come on my app. I already fixed this i will show you blocks in some time.

I only write this blocks and it’s working fine.

Where is the block to store the values in tinyDB?

is this solved? i have same issue