Location sensor and maps loading

In my app i am making a route tracker on the base of location sensor which take GPS coordinates and kodular Map (not google) to show the track of the individual. i am facing below issues. request if someone can guide.

  1. I am displaying map and when i am getting coordinates from “location changed” sensor in a label then i am pressing “refresh” button to get it to the map of the own location. I need to press refresh at least 2 to 3 times to come to my location. I want to develop in a simple manner the movement the app is open we can have a progress bar till the time GPS is locking and the movement it is done it should show the map. what logic i should use.

  2. Second the movement the display is off. GPS stop locking and i have to press something on the screen to open display and GPS start locking again. I need in simple manner that app should be on all times and GPS should lock and if the user put off the display manually then also GPS should lock.

i am attaching the photos of block and aia file along
thanks in anticipation

try23(2).aia (51.2 KB)

no answer till now

Try this and see if it works for you

try23_1.aia (52.0 KB)