Location sensor issue

I have made app with location sensor component. But when i open my app it can not detect my location while i am in building even near the window. But when try other apps for example navigation apps they detect my location quickly even i am in building. In logic both of them use the same device for detecting location. And what is wrong? Please help me.
Want to inform you that i hav already tried both of location sensir providers (gps and network) but nothing changed

I have the same problem. While I was testing using companion, the location sensor worked very well in my cel, but once upload my app to google play store and downloaded to my cel, the sensor does not detect my location. We need help indeed.

i solved my problem. i replace the open street map with goolgle map. now google map’s own location sensor detect my location automatically. you just need to enable my location block on screen initalize.

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