Location sensor to sence current country of user

Well the question is simple :slight_smile:

—> For e.g I got 2 user One from India and One from
—> What i wanted to do is when the user from India
open the app then i want to show google.com as his
defult search browser.
—> And when user from China opens the apps then I
want to show yahoo.com as his defult browser.

So, How can i do that …I got no idea of doing that so can any one help me please

If any one can help me then please post the blocks or aia for better understanding. THANK YOU.

I think there are APIs which are able to determine the location (Country name) from coordinates (maps component says the coordinates).

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Ya but can you please tell me how can i do that i got no idea about it.I also searched in youtube but there is no answer to my question.If there is possible then please send me blocks or aia…

It’s best to learn for yourself than simply take other people’s work.

Try stuff. Mess about. Let google be your friend.

Once you have tried something show us what you’ve done and people might be able to help you.



This have a JSON response with Country name and Country Code


The location sensor has a propertie which gives the direction of the phone. You can parse and extract the country

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Thank for the JSON

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What a fast and accurate website, thanks for the information!

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