Lock Bottom Navigation bar for every screen

Hi there!

I’ve created a bottom navigation bar using the following blocks. I was wondering if I could lock the bottom navigation bar on each screen.

The only way I come up with is copying and pasting the blocks and components on each screen. However, as it will open another screen if I clicked one of the buttons, it is not reasonable to open so many screens if I don’t add ‘close screen’ blocks.

Could you suggest some methods that (1) I don’t need to open many screens; (2) lock the bottom navigation bar without copy and paste? Thanks a lot!

Why you don’t use a single screen !!!
Replace all other screen inserting VA ( Vertical Arrangement ) and show the VA selected.


That’s possible.

However, it is hard to manage if there’re over 10 screens… :sob:

Yes you can !!!
Not is easy but possible to do. Read this maybe help you