Locked out of creator.kodular.io Error: Invalid request

Hi admin of Kodular.
I have been working on my apps quite well for the past few months till today when I was unable to login. I always login with my gmail ID but I now keep getting an “Error: Invalid_request” “Mismatching redirect URL”
Please HELP. My whole project schedule is stuck and I am in serious trouble!

Please don’t duplicate posting :point_down:

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same problem with me i am trying to open it since from 1 hr

Please try in incognito mode or in another browser.

Hi Peter,
. I tried working with the incognito mode on 2 different browsers and 2 different computers…regrettably the error remains the same.
I think it could be a bug caused by a confusion between the system trying to retrieve my app using google oauth login vs the system trying to log me in with the same google email and a password created for logging in to Auth.kodular.io . I think the system logs me in with the kodular specific login and then tries to retrieve my app data created using my direct gmail login (google Oauth). Is there some one from admin that can delete my kodular password so that the system logs me exclusively through google Oauth ? That I think, should resolve the issue of “Mismatching redirect URL” .
Alternately is there some way to retrieve the last save that I did?(Do saves get written on my local computer too?). If so I can then create a new login and import my last saved code back on creator.

Addendum: Tried emailing [email protected] and [email protected]. Both mails bounced with the error “TLS Negotiation failed, certificate invalid: SSL [Leaf certificate is expired]”

Addendum: I am logging in from Bangalore, India. Checked the status of Kodular on status.kodular.io ,it reports “Web server is down”. This is the status the past 24 hours

Hello @Lavanian!

Can you please share the URL of the page that you have when you see this error?
Also, can you please mention the URL that you entered in the address bar of the browser before getting this error?
Was it c.kodular.io or creator.kodular.io ?

Hi sorry for the delay in reply. The site creator.kodular.io is up and working on my setup, thanks to support from the Kodular community and programmers.

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