Login and Register with Firebase

Anyone can share block to me. This i want when the user of my apps is register on my apps, its on table and i dont want to use tiny db in this case.

can you explain in detail

Your details are insufficient as @krish.jha stated. Please provide more information. You look to be using firebase, there are many many tutorials about how to use firebase.

Check here, youtube, etc.

Otherwise provide specific questions.

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Isn’t it a bit risky to use the user’s IMEI Number for identification?

Others already said, that’s too few information. What have you done? It seems you are looking for a Table. AirTable stores things in table format, just like example

Rows are IDs (like IMEI) and columns are Usernames, Passwords, Points.

Exactly. Example project bucket name is LAVADO then on That lavado has row ID (like IMEI) and colums are username and email and points only.
I use taifungooglepicker email for login and for sign up is USERNAME AND EMAIL.(google picker) i want only use firebase or your recommend. Because earlier i use tiny db then i clear data i cant login anymore on my app acount.

Why is too risky to use user IMEI number for identification? I will not publish my apps on playstore because i dont have allowance to pay $25

I think i know how to use firebase. But i’m beginner and i watched firebase login and sign up on youtube but i think the all firebase table is only one design to store data.
I want to arrange my data on like this

  • 0464349464
    + username
    + email
    + points

  • 013554455
    + username
    + email
    + points

Use make a list block and you can save multiple values in one tag like in airtable but a bit different.

All the Firebase tricks are in the community.

Sublists are stored as “directories” .




Just use the JOIN function to add the “subdirectory” .

BTW . special formating required for using the @ sign in firebase.


like this ?

i have problem on my blocks. i cant login because they cannot find the campare text value = uin_email . text. see on red oblong… this my problem

Replace @ with any symbol.

symbol? i use taifun googlepicker

please make an example of block because i’m slow learner

Can you also make me understand i cannot understand
Send your send how it is and also send how you want

basically i want to stored data on firebase looklike this Rows are ID s (like IMEI) and columns are Username s, Password s, Point s.

* 0464349464
+ username
+ email
+ points
* 013554455
+ username
+ email
+ points

Sorry but i am sorry
Its my mistake i cant understand
But i understand something
That you want to store like a table on firebase
As we do on airtable but you want to do on firebase
Yes it is possible
We have made that type of app
Test apk will be given to you after some hours when i boot pc
If i am right please reply

yes like this

“tag” is bucket name/ID IMEI/username
“value” is Mark

but only firebase used on sign up and login

Oh so
For eg take imei 1234
And bucket name -abc

Do you want to say like this
Actually you are staying in correct language but i am getting confused that why i cant. Understand :fearful: