Login and sign up system online/offline database (baserow)

Hello , iam trying to make sign in offline if user signup in first time
sign in screen in my app = MAINLOG
sign up screen in my app = Import…
first screen after sign in or sign up = MAIN
the problem is i cant understand how i can save data in tinyDB for next time
(i used sign by user id)
with this blocks , always open screen name(import = signup) i need if user signup in first time
then in next time if network connected or disconnected , can open app by save device id in variable
this my blocks



Well insted of using baserow you should use Firebase and also make sure any user data is encrypted.

And when you do that tell me and I’ll guide you how to can use that data in fire.

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My friend,thank you but, I know how to work on Firebase easily because there are many tutorials ,
Also I am from Syria and the firebase site is only available to us via a vpn, so the user will not be able to submit his registration without using a vpn, and this is a seroius problem.
We can only use firebase in the notification process! I want in baserow because it is available in my country! :broken_heart:

Well then there are many ways to solve your problem.

First a user logs in check if there data in available in your database with ( is in list ) block then if it’s true the simply store the data in Tiny DB with tag ( User or whatever you want to name the tag ) and in the ( value store the device id ) that way you won’t have to check everytime if the users data is true or false.

Now when you dose these go to your screen initialize and use of then condition and check if the Tiny DB has any value with the name of the tag witch you have use.

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No need to get variable in (get value to Store)?!

You should store the value in the local variable not in the global because you need that list only once also getting value in the variable is better because it’s reduce the chances of getting any unexpected errors.

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blocks (1)

The biggest problem right now is that I can’t test whether it works successfully in offline mode, because kodular has a problem with exporting apk and the Companion does not support offline mode

No not like this first on screen initialize check like this

if Text { get Tiny DB value (not = to ) Empty }
Then { execute program }
else { get Basrow Data }

Got Baserow data {

initialize Local { data ( This is a name ) } Empty List
Store Value { data } ( Value )

is in list { data } if True then store data in Tiny DB

Store Tiny DB {
Tag (Name of the tag)
Value (Device ID )


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thank you .

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