Login code for a site (not mine)

Hi, I would need to understand if and how to access a site (not mine) via user id and psw. Let me explain: I would like to make an application for me to access the page of my telephone company. It does not have an official app and I would like to create one myself to facilitate access. I would need to enter my personal area via my id and my psw on the manager’s site with the interface of my app. It’s possible? and how? Thanks in advance.

I think it’s not possible. You need an API possibly

You mean you want the app automatically enter the user data in the specific feilds?Or what?

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Meaning that you want access to database of a particular website that you don’t own. Right? If yes, sorry it’s not possible… User IDs and Passwords are something that no one will share.

I mean that I would like to enter my data (id and psw) in my app to access my personal area of ​​a website that is not mine.

So you can’t except if this site has an api.

Is there no way to automatically enter data into the web viewer or something?

Yes i think.See here:

Also you can use set cookies method in the custom webview extension.(not sure)

this might be helpful

How to fill out a form of a webpage and click a button using some JavaScript



Can be done with web scrapping

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However, be careful, as many sites consider webscrapping wrong, violating its terms of use.

I think allmost no one wants to use website with js

sorry for the ignorance, can you advise me how to do it? Thanks ^^

I posted method, learn i can’t provide you js that works this job.