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i’ve a slight problem ,
after registering with phone no. and pass. , i’m not able to login to screen 2 (next screen) as shown in the 2 photos attached…
i can send team viewer for remote support


This is long process.

Just call the firebase value of tag - username on button click (especially calling via web url will be good)

If value found then user exists or if he get value , then compare the value with obtained with textbox 2 value. If both matches, then he is correct or he is wrong

On button click
Call web1 url
Call web1.get

When web got text
If the response content is equal to null
Then alert sorry user have not found
Else if textbox2.text=get response content
Then user found also password is matching, desing blocks to next
Else alert user that user entered wrong password


can u help me via teamviewer ?
i’m new into coding…or send me a photo for the blocks


If possible share your fb structure to help you better

It is ok

test this sample code. Dont forget pls use project bucket in designer mode or in screen init

Did nt you try like that?

I have no account with social media .

Show us what have you tried. I am sure you have failed to set project bucket in fb component in designer part

Show your blocks and fb structure.

I am not in system. I’m in function

Fb structure must be




Here the number is dummy one

Bucket name is Users
Tag name is user mobile no.
Tag value is user entered password

SORRY for bothering, i’m totally new into this , been learning only a week or so
now the firebase is not saving the singup info , it used to but not after change to ur blocks
thank u for ur kind help
photo attached

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First save some sample data into firebase

Use two text box and button

On button click

Save firebase value tag - textbox1 text
Value textbox2 text

Then now test this app then

can u pls make me a simple login in and sign up screen connected with firebase using phone no. and password


Users (1).aia (4.3 KB)

Use your firebase url and test it

worked like a charm , thanks mate

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Do not share personal details in the community.

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Can u pls have a look on this , i’ve add a save checkbox …what did i go wrong …

what is the prob

when i check the save check box , not saved

See your if logic.

U r checking only textbox3… so if you do not enter anythng in box4 then nothing will be saved in tinydb

Also see your tinydb tag C, two values you are saving … as per the blocks the last value only will be saved. So it will save NO. That’s why during screen init you didn’t get any value.

No need of NO value in tag C tinydb

Hi again my friend
Can pls add to ur file the following
I want to save in firebase as in fields …
1 - name “abc”
Address “def”
Phone no. “1233456”
I dont want them to show rapidly so i can export them without being confused ,whos the ower of this phone no and so on


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